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Get involved

“Together we grow” – this is our claim. We are constantly growing with the people we are supporting. As a country partner, donor, ambassador, or scaling partner you can share our mission and be a part of this great process.

Become a Country Partner

EnableMe encapsulates 15+ years of experience in managing information portals and self-help communities. We have developed a state-of-the-art software solution. We are providing this solution to country partners to set up a platform with information, an online community, and digital services for people with disabilities in their own countries. We provide you with a software solution, training and mentoring, tools for community mobilization and impact measurement, an and international partner alliance for learning and joint knowledge development.

Can you provide local, contextualized information for people with disabilities from your country and mobilize and manage a country-based community of persons with disabilities, their friends and family members, and other interested persons?

If yes, then contact us to embark on a joint impact and learning journey

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For big events in your life, you can prepare months or even years in advance. But for some events, you don't have a second to prepare. They just happen and change your life forever. Interestingly, in this challenging situation often the same questions are again and again asked: What is next? How can I financially sustain myself? Can I work, where? What? Where can I get help? Are there others who are in a similar situation? How have they coped with the challenges?

EnableMe supports, connects, and empowers people with disabilities and their close ones globally. We curate information and multiply this knowledge to many countries where it is contextualized and where solutions are found in the self-help communities. We are a charitable, not-for-profit organization with the purpose to maximise impact for people with disabilities with every resource you contribute to us.

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Become an Ambassador

We offer an environment where everyone is driven by the common ambition to make the world a more equal and inclusive place.

We are a young, global, and dynamic team with the aim to maximize our societal impact. Working for EnableMe would allow you to work with the latest web platform technology and proactively work on and improve the most integral parts of our foundation.

Let’s scale together

Our motto is “Together we grow”. Only together we can learn and find the most meaningful ways to support people with disabilities globally.

We, therefore, work with foundations, governments, NGOs, and corporations in order to make their specific expertise accessible and available to a wider audience.

Scaling Partners are:

Foundations that want to multiply their unique knowledge of their beneficiaries.

Corporations that are interested in creating an inclusive culture in a multitude of countries.

International NGOs that have specific knowledge in disability or economic empowerment and see a benefit in multiplying this knowledge globally.

Governments that are interested in communicating with people with disabilities and providing their services in an inclusive and accessible way at the national and local level.