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Our Approach

We enable partners to build up easily accessible EnableMe information portals, online communities, and services on a “glocal" scale for people with disabilities.


There is a strong need to act, please see below the needs, how we aim to provide solutions for the needs and also how we measure impact:

What we do

EnableMe provides community-oriented technology solutions that connect, support, and empower people with disabilities globally through critical information, community, and value-added services. 


We measure our impact to be transparent and accountable. We constantly learn and improve, and develop our strategy according to the needs of our stakeholders and the biggest possible impact.

To measure our impact we use the well-established I-O-O-I-System to clearly show what resources we invest (input) to deliver our services (output) and what goals we are reaching on an individual level (outcome) and for broader society (impact). We are applying this model on a global level for the EnableMe foundation, but are likewise documenting our impact on local levels and adjust it according to the context and work of our partners on the ground. 

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

We are ready to make a valuable contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals through our activities.