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Working Together

«If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.»
African proverb

If philanthropic, for profit and non-government organisations want to instigate sustainable change they need to proactively include underrepresented groups.

With more than 17 years experience in building winning partnerships with the change ecosystem, EnableMe’s technology and programmes lift the inclusion of people with visible and invisible disabilities.

Why Get Involved

Top-down & Bottom-up approach to disability-inclusion

Our solutions enable you to work on disability-inclusion top-down & bottom-up.  

Knowledge Base

Unique asset of 2'800 articles and over 120'000 community threads.


Portal with the largest reach & community in Germany and Switzerland. Expanding globally.  

Global Team

We work for AND with people people with disabilities.  


EnableMe leverages the scalability and connectivity of technology.


We measure ourselves by the number of problemes we solve.


Our service offerings are driven by needs assessments.  

Track Record

17 years of experience in developing digital solutions & managing online communities.

Working Together with Companies

EnableMe supports companies on their journey to disability-inclusion.

Partnering with us gives you: 

  • A global one-stop shop for disability inclusion.
  • Access to inclusive talent
  • Programmes to foster disability-inclusion
  • Inclusion resource hub

Contact us today for a discussion on how we can support you. 

Working Together with Foundations

We work together to devise and implement disability & inclusion projects. With UBS Optimus Foundation we have evaluated the need for digital information and self-help community needs globally. With Fondation Botnar we undertake a feasibility study to uplift youth with disability in Morocco. We work together with you in your countries of interest with local partners to the benefit of people and youth with disabilities.

Please contact us to discuss partnership opportunities on how we can reinforce your health, education, economic empowerment programs amongst others.

Working Together with Non-Government Organisations

Partnering with EnableMe enables NGO programs to optimize their journey in driving sustainable systemic change in their health, economic empowerment, rights of people with disabilities, and education programs. 

Please contact us today to discuss how we can reinforce the long-term impact of  your programs in Switzerland, Germany, Kenya, India and Uganda.

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Working Together with Public Institutions

We believe in complementing, rather than duplicating, the efforts of public initiatives which address the needs of people with visible and invisible disabilities.

We are happy to discuss how we can support and enhance the reach of public health, education and economic empowerment initiatives. 

Contact us now.

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Working Together with Shared-Value Partners

We believe that shared-value partnerships are the key to financial sustainability and to reaching the global disability community. 
We are open to discuss shared-value partnerships that will bring us closer to realise our vision of enabling the world’s 1 billion people with disabilities to succeed. 

Contact us today for a discussion.

Two people shaking hands as they agree to work in partnership. | © Unsplash