A man with a cap and sunglasses holds his long cane for the blind leaning against his shoulder. | © EnableMe
A woman with shoulder-length brown hair makes a smiling gesture with her fingers. | © EnableMe
A woman in a wheelchair bounces a basketball. | © EnableMe
A man with trisomy 21 smells a plant while working in a nursery. | © EnableMe
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Self-portrait of Van Gogh with bandaged ear and pipe. | © EnableMe

Current campaign

The campaign encourages people to think about what we mean by disability and where our own limitations lie. The idea for the campaign was developed on a voluntary basis by our Board of Trustees and renowned advertiser Frank Bodin.

We enable partners to:

  • Scale and make enabling information accessible

  • Build peer-based self-help communities

  • Provide programmes to foster disability inclusion in organisations

75% of people find our content helpful

Enableme highlight

Our content was accessed by 475,538 people from 149 countries in July 2023. We have found that, depending on the country, 31-51% of users read an article to its end. To dig deeper into the impact of our work, we conducted a survey to better understand how many people who have read an article find it helpful. The results are very encouraging: 75% of the 2202 participants in our survey found the content helpful, and 41% even gave it the highest rating - very helpful. The large number of participants provides our findings with a high statistical validity: In July we have helped 142,968 people in 149 countries that actually rated our service as helpful. A number we are very proud of.

About EnableMe


We empower people with disabilities across the world by providing information, self-help peer communities & digital services. EnableMe leverages the scalability and replicability of technology to contribute to inclusion on a global scale.

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EnableMe is excited to annouce the launch of SafeSpace - a digital tool to support in the decision-process of disclosing a non-visible disability or not.

Our Impact

The EnableMe platform whether in Kenya, Ukraine, Switzerland or Germany offers its users the ability to solve life’s and employability challenges due to its unique combination of practical and digestible content, peer-support, expert advice and targeted services.

Our Partners

We forge partnerships with like-minded philanthropic, corporate and non-government organisations, thought leaders and third party service providers to empower the one billion people with disabilities and chronic conditions worldwide.

Work Together

With more than 17 years experience in building winning partnerships with the change ecosystem, EnableMe’s technology and programmes lift the inclusion of people with visible and invisible disabilities.


Our Community

Switzerland 🇨🇭

Launched in 2004 • More than 87k monthly unique visits • More than 7000 registered members in the community • More than 500 monthly threads in our community • Available in German and French

Germany 🇩🇪

Launched in 2005 • More than 100k monthly unique visits • More than 7000 registered members in the community • More than 500 monthly threads in our community

Kenya 🇰🇪

Launched in 2021 • More than 15k monthly unique visits • More than 150 registered members in the community.

Ukraine 🇺🇦

Launched in 2022 • More than 89k monthly unique visits • Available in Ukrainian and Russian • Offers self-help content, community forum and a hub of partner information and links