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Our vision is to improve the quality of life of all people with disabilities.

We empower people with disabilities across the world by providing information, self-help peer communities & digital services.

EnableMe leverages the scalability and replicability of technology to contribute to inclusion on a global scale. We enable partner organisations to:

  • Scale and make enabling information accessible
  • Build peer-based self-help communities
  • Provide programmes to foster disability inclusion in organisations

About EnableMe

Founded in Spring 2020, EnableMe Foundation was born out of the success of MyHandicap (now called EnableMe), a leading disability organisation in Switzerland and Germany. Building upon a foundation that comprises over 120,000 forum responses and five million site visits per year, EnableMe Foundation was established to utilise the decade’s worth of knowledge and network management to develop and spread what works on a global scale.

Get to know us

Our recent addition to our family - EnableMe Ukraine

Together we can leave no one behind!
Click here to find more information about EnableMe Foundation’s response to the war in Ukraine.

Together we grow

Our Community

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