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About Us

Founded in Spring 2020, EnableMe Foundation was born out of the success of MyHandicap, a leading digital platform for people with disabilities in Switzerland and Germany. Building upon a foundation that comprises over 120,000 forum responses and five million site visits per year, EnableMe Foundation was established to utilise the decade’s worth of knowledge and network management to develop and spread what works on a global scale.

Harnessing the power of technology, the EnableMe platform is a digital self-help community which empowers people with disabilities and chronic conditions to overcome all kinds of social and professional barriers. We envision a world where people with disabilities and chronic conditions are empowered to lead productive, self-determined, and fulfilled lives.
Millions of users benefit from EnableMe’s services every day.

We are proud to have already established thriving communities in Switzerland, Germany, and Kenya, with our focus now aimed at expanding even further to more countries around the world. 

Foundation Board

Joachim Schoss

"In 2002 I had an accident that profoundly changed my life. After losing my right arm and leg, I started fighting for the improvement of the lives of people with disabilities, for whom I noticed a profound lack of information. Ever since I invested my resources to enable people with disabilities to inform and help themselves. Thus, I founded the foundation MyHandicap which became the largest information portal for people with disabilities in the German-speaking world.

EnableMe has now the aim to expand our global impact based on more than 15 years of track record in helping people with disabilities."


Frank Bodin

"A society in which only healthy people count for anything is sick. Reason enough to commit myself with brain and heart to EnableMe."

Porträt Frank Bodin | © Frank Bodin


Patrick Eberle

"Despite my congenital, severe visual impairment, I have been able to achieve a lot in my life. Where there's a will, there's a way, and with the right support from EnableMe, it gets a little easier."

Porträt Patrick Eberle | © Patrick Eberle


Dr. Hans Künzle

"In my immediate environment, I experience living together with people with disabilities with a great deal of joy and reciprocity. The fact that in some cases they are defenseless, at the mercy and in need of support makes organizations like EnableMe so more than necessary. So I try, with the means at my disposal, to make an active and lasting contribution."

Porträt Hans Künzle | © Hans Künzle

Global Advisory Board Members

Menno Vlietstra – Technology

"As a senior executive, I have vast experience in technology and support the team in the role of CTO in strategic questions."

Dan Dica – Partner Network

"As global VP of a software company, I have built our global market organization. I support the team in their efforts to expand their services globally for the benefit of people with disabilities."

Peter Irion - Partner Network

“I’m very grateful that my family and I were always allowed to live on the sunny side of life. There are many people who weren’t that lucky. With the work of the EnableMe Foundation, I believe that we have a good chance to make a difference”

Michael Lorz – Managing Director

"My mission is to empower our dynamic team to nurture maximum impact while developing and creating a sustainable learning organization."

Team Members

Matthijs Nederveen Country Partner Networks

Joy Morozov Chief Collaboration Officer

Angelika Rüegg Administration

Nando Bosshart CIO

Yacine Belarbi Product Owner

Boryana Milova EnableMe Community

Banisha Morar Global Content Manager

We are supported by a strong team of ambassadors who support our mission with  their specific expertise:

  • Ashish Da Fonseca
  • Sven Knobloch 
  • James Riordan
  • Andreas Heinecke
  • Yves Hoffmann 
  • Samuel Horner
  • Sandro Hürsch
  • Johannes Kaiser 
  • Kaija Landsberg 
  • Amir Nathan 
  • Rüdiger Schmid-Kühnhofer 
  • Urs Wietlisbach