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About Us

EnableMe Foundation, a charitable foundation registered in St.Gallen, Switzerland is working to improve the quality of life of people with visible and non-visible disabilities and people living with chronic conditions.

EnableMe is about developing what works at scale. EnableMe leverages the scalability and replicability of technology to contribute to inclusion and quality of life. Its mission is to enable partner organizations globally to make enabling information accessible, build supportive peer communities and provide programs to foster disability inclusion in organizations.  With its activities EnableMe empowers currently more than one million people with disabilities annually across the world.

We are proud to have already established thriving communities in Switzerland, Germany, Kenya, Ukraine and India with our focus now aimed at expanding even further to more countries around the world.


Foundation Board

Joachim Schoss


"In 2002 I had an accident that profoundly changed my life. After losing my right arm and leg, I started fighting for the improvement of the lives of people with disabilities, for whom I noticed a profound lack of information. Ever since I invested my resources to enable people with disabilities to inform and help themselves. Thus, I founded the foundation MyHandicap which became the largest information portal for people with disabilities in the German-speaking world."

Global Advisory Board Members

Team Members