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Our Impact

Every disability and chronic condition is unique and each person needs to find the solution which works best for his/her own circumstances. The EnableMe platform whether in Kenya, Ukraine, Switzerland or Germany offers its users the ability to solve life’s and employability challenges due to its unique combination of practical and digestible content, peer-support, expert advice and targeted services. 

Every day, EnableMe members and users are supported in key areas covering economic empowerment, social participation, personal growth, health and wellbeing.

Our Impact in numbers

– 3000+ content pieces available across our sites

– 9000+ members in our online community

> 50 million users have been reached since inception

- Over 1 million people are directly impacted by EnableMe per year

Life quality for one billion people with disabilities worldwide. A society in which people with disabilities and chronic conditions are heard, active and represented in all areas.

We focus on key outcome levels:

  • Personal Growth
  • Financial Empowerment
  • Societal Participation
  • Health & Wellbeing

Our Work

To report our impact, we apply the IOOI logic used around the world: Input, Output, Outcome, Impact. This enables us to clearly highlight what we invest (input), what we create (output), the individual changes we promote within our target group (outcome) and the over social impact we want to achieve.

The EnableMe Foundation invests first and foremost in a high-performance team who will contribute experience and know-how to devise effective programs and build long-term partnerships.

(Click here to view our Impact Model)

Impact Stories from Our Community

"Saskia was devastated when she was told that her daughter would never be able to earn a living because of her disability. Saskia felt in her own heart, however, that her daughter was capable of making a life for herself and becoming financially independent. She searched desperately online for a second opinion.

After coming across EnableMe, Saskia was encapsulated by all the stories in the community from parents in similar situations. She decided to post about her experience in the forum and was inundated with positive replies from the other parents. She felt inspired by their advice, as well as the information from the platform's experts. She regained her sense of hope - she believed again that her daughter has a chance to follow her dreams."  

–  Saskia

"The peer exchange makes me believe that everything will be okay". Tanja suffers from chronic seizures. When she finds out that she will be forever reliant on a wheelchair, her life is turned upside down. She is shrouded by despair and is desperate to hear from others in a similar situation.

As part of the peer program, she reaches out to Sarina: the beginning of a priceless interaction that provided Tanja with the social support, assurance, and guidance she needed to help her through this turbulent time." 

–  Tanja

Discover the full range of our impact programes by exploring our partner pages! 

Please visit - and

  • Peer Exchange
  • Youth Help Exchange
  • Talent Access
  • Mentoring