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-  SafeSpace is a digital tool that supports both the employee with non-visible disabilities in the decision-process to disclose or not, and the employer in cultivating a supportive and inclusive workplace. -

SafeSpace is a service developed by EnableMe in collaboration with the University of St. Gallen, Center for Disability and Integration (CDI-HSG). It is a digital tool for employees with invisible health restrictions and currently only available in German. The tool was developed to support employees in making decisions about whether or not to disclose their illness. Our overarching goal is to improve inclusion in the workplace and increase employee satisfaction and productivity.


Our extensive review of the academic literature has shown that disclosing a hidden identity is associated with less stress and strain, stronger relationships, and greater job satisfaction (Berkley et al., 2018), and that an inclusive team/work environment has been shown to reduce conflict and increase learning from one another promotes (Nishii, 2013) - all key values ​​for leading a high-performing, successful team. At the same time, disclosure can also entail risks for the person concerned (e.g. discrimination), which is why disclosure can only be recommended in the right environment.

A reality in today's workplace

Disclosing a disability or health condition is a personal and complex decision.

Using SafeSpace, the tool takes in account various factors and views your disclosure requirements at four levels:

  • Myself - sheds light on your personal needs and attitudes

  • My Team - sheds light on the situation in your team or workgroup

  • My manager - sheds light on the relationship with your manager and their leadership style

  • My organization - highlights the requirements within your organization


Depending on your answers, the tool offers you specific recommendations, strategies and also further knowledge that will help you to deal with your non-visible health limitation - regardless of how you decide.

Explore SafeSpace to gain additional knowledge and utilize our tool.