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Support Ukraine

It is estimated that Ukraine has 2.7 million people with disabilities and this is not counting age-related, war-related disabilities or people who live with chronic conditions and mental health challenges.

In response to the war in Ukraine, EnableMe Foundation launched EnableMe Ukraine, a digital information portal and peer and expert community to lift  Ukraine’s people with visible & invisible disabilities and chronic conditions, as well as their carers, who are internally displaced, on the move and at home.

Available in Ukrainian & Russian, EnableMe Ukraine aims to be the first of its kind, in being the only place for people to solve life’s challenges, straight from their smartphones.

Launched in April, EnableMe Ukraine now provides a rich source of 330+ content pieces in areas such as:

  • Service directories of partner organizations
  • Directories of online and telephone services for people with disabilities and people with mental challenges in Ukraine 
  • Information for refugees in Poland, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Romania, Germany, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova,  France, Portugal and contacts of organizations who helps people with disabilities in these countries 
  • Listings and maps of on-the-ground health facilities and other services in Ukraine (government services, pharmacies, hospitals, relief agencies)
  • Listings and contacts of organizations who help Ukrainians with disabilities all over the world
  • Advice on how to live and cope with different disabilities and chronic illnesses 

In addition to our growing information portal, EnableMe Ukraine:

  1. Provides more than 500 Q&A forums (in Ukrainian and in Russian) by our expert advisors and peer-supporters in EnableMe Ukraine Community.
  2. Is working hand in hand with the National Assembly of persons with disabilities to ensure the timely dissemination of information to Ukrainian refugees, Ukraine’s internally displaced people and those who are left behind. 
  3. Has teamed up with a number of volunteer Ambassadors ("ambassadors" of EnableMe Ukraine) to help us promote awareness on EnableMe Ukraine “The stories of war” to inspire others on how they overcame challenges.
  4. In collaboration with four biggest Ukrainian online medias “Обозреватель” (26M users), “Censor” (traffic 52 million), “Focus” (2M users) and “Apostrophe” (7M users) are creating and sharing the success stories of Ukrainians with disabilities to inspire all who need support.
  5. Created a short video to inform Ukrainians about EnableMe Ukraine and put it in Ukrainian TV channels broadcasting.
  6. Is collaborating with the European Disability Forum, an umbrella organisation for Disabled People’s Organisations in Europe.

We are seeking funding partners, content partners and volunteers who can help us spread the word on EnableMe Ukraine. 

We know that timely information and supportive communities save lives and we are doing our best to keep up with incoming enquiries given our small team and limited financial resources.

We politely ask for your help and contribution to help us cope with the demand.

If you want to make a difference, please get in touch today with: 


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