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Your bequest for the next generation

Your will can influence countless lives. By leaving a legacy or including the EnableMe Foundation platform in your will, you are helping to provide sustainable support for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

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Effect of a legacy

With your decision to include us in your will, you are creating lasting value. Your legacy will help to implement inclusion projects worldwide and have a lasting positive impact on the lives of many people. We help people deal with disabilities, support them in (re)entering working life and provide contacts in cases of loneliness. And this is just a small part of our work, you can find out more about our impact here.

How does a legacy work?

A legacy in your will allows you to leave a fixed amount or a specific asset to EnableMe. A bequest in your will means that we receive a portion of the assets after your estate has been settled.

Advantages of a legacy

In addition to the certainty of leaving a lasting impact, your contribution can also provide tax benefits for your estate. We will be happy to assist you in making this important decision.


Do you have any questions about drafting your will or setting up a legacy? You can find the answers here.

  • What is a legacy?

    A legacy is a special type of bequest in a will in which you leave a fixed amount, a specific object or a share of your assets to an organization such as the MyHandicap Foundation. It is a direct and specific bequest.

  • What is the difference between a bequest in a will and a legacy?

    In the case of a testamentary bequest, the MyHandicap Foundation is appointed as the beneficiary for some or all of the remaining assets after all other bequests and liabilities have been settled. Unlike a legacy, which involves a specific value or object, a testamentary allowance relates to the remaining part of the estate.

  • How can I include EnableMe in my will?

    To include us in your will, we recommend working with a lawyer to help you draft and structure your will. You can designate us as the recipient of a legacy or as a beneficiary of part of your estate. Advice from a lawyer is usually associated with costs. We are happy to recommend Mr. Samuel Horner. Mr. Horner is a lawyer and his area of practice includes inheritance law.

  • Are there tax advantages if I include EnableMe in my will?

    Yes, both legacies and wills can have tax advantages. We recommend that you consult a tax advisor or lawyer to clarify your personal situation.

Your contact person

Would you like to find out more or do you need support? Our team is always available for a personal and discreet discussion.

Dr. Michael Lorz, Co-Managing Director